Сергей Морозов (navigatorpirate) wrote,
Сергей Морозов

Around the Cape of Good Hope, pt.3

Twelve days on Mauritius!



Visited the Cazela park...

Saw a number of Buddhist temples...

the Sacred Lake, the Shiva statue 108 feet (35 meters) in height,

the coloured land, a crater of a volcano... beaches, pineapple with pepper and salt (!), diving, fresh, steaks, local rum...

We left on April 10th after refuelling and saying our farewells. Goodbye yet another piece of paradise, we really enjoyed it here! We’ll have news in three or four weeks. 2800 miles to Cape Town. We’ll try not to dock anywhere and use the Agulhas current, carrying its fast, warm waters close to the African coast SW, sometimes up to five knots.

Часть 1:  Часть 2:

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