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Сергей Морозов

Around the Cape of Good Hope, pt.4

There are 300 miles left until Madagascar, where we are awaiting new changes in weather. We’ve almost entered the zone of the South Equatorial current, enveloping the island North to SW. That’s 2-3 knots more towards Africa. So far I don’t like it, given that soon I’ll have to sail here again but without wind. Nevertheless everything is flowing and blowing in the right direction, so what am I complaining about?

We’ve decided to go to Durban after receiving confirmation of a 40 knot headwind from passing ships.

21 Aprill, at 19:00 we saw the African coast; hello Africa! Twenty or so years must have passed since I last visited you. How will you greet me?

We docked at night time. Durban preserved the features of its former magnificence but is less clean, neat and friendly.

We’ve fixed the electronics, sewed the sails, bought new sheets and replaced the old ones, stocked up on groceries, talked to marina staff about weather conditions and our perspectives around the Cape of Good Hope.

On April 24th at 14:30 we left port. At 15:30 we headed 201 degrees to a 200-metre isobaths, by which we were recommended to follow. There are 220-230 miles to East London; right now we’re heading there.

Only after 30 or so miles the Agulhas current picked us up and we raced under full sails and the engine, making 8-9 knots. Still following the isobaths.

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